fQR weave is an anti-counterfeiting solution built on Arweave blockchain.With the immutability of blockchain technology, each fQR is unique, unforgeable and permanent! Arweave makes decentralized permanent storage possible by relying on a new blockchain-like data structure called the blockweave which looked perfect to create fQR Weave on its top

Light paper

  • Please take your time by reading the Light Paper

Key Features

In this diagram, you will have a look how our project's is potential:

  • Security
    - fQR codes represents immutable transactions
    - Generators & Reader also are immutable webpages
  • Use Case
    - Retail
    - Documents and paper authentication
    - Anti-counterfeit solution
  • Technology
    - Blockhain: Arweave
    - Open source project
    - web3.0
  • fQRs
    - QR code model 2
    - Error Correction Level: L
    - Unparalleled codes for the same data

Basing on the key features listed above, you can conclude how fQR Weave tends to create an advanced QR code based on blockchain and web3.0 technologies: Arweave. The current active prodcut - prototype - represents only a software solution. To learn move about fQR Weave platform and its technical details, please have a look on the lightpaper.

Try it out:

Currently fQR Weave provide onchain software solution only. Please note that both fQR Reader and Generator reprensent alpha release

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